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A Crime Within A Crime

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      I November of 2022, Jalen Kitna, son of former N.F.L. quarterback John Kitna, and at the time, quarterback for the University of Florida Gators, was arrested and charged with five counts of felony possession and distribution of child pornography. After receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about child pornography being shared on a discord account, the Gainesville Police Department were able to trace the account back to Jalen Kitna. The police found that Kitna shared two images over the internet last November. His electronic devices were then seized, and three more images were found. At least one of the photos was of an adult male having sex with a prepubescent girl. He was kicked off of the team, and subsequently charged.


      Inexplicably, this past Wednesday, Jalen Kitna was allowed to enter a plea deal, upon where he pled no contest to one count of misdemeanor breach of peace, in exchange for the court dropping five felony charges for possession and distribution of child pornography. The maximum sentence he faces is 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. He is not required to register as an offender, and he has entered the transfer portal to resume his college football career.


  1.       In my opinion, the more egregious crime was committed by the Alachua County Prosecutor, when he allowed Mr.Kitna to enter into such a ridiculous plea agreement. There is no disputing that Mr. Kitna was indeed caught with child pornography on his phone, and other electronic devices. It was furthermore proven that he did indeed share images of child pornography on a discord chat, traced directly back to him. Yet for some odd reason, the D.A. decided to basically let Mr. Kitna off, with a fine. I’m sure that having a former N.F.L. quarterback as a father, who has the money to pay for the best lawyers, didn’t hurt; which really brings me to my point. The true crimes are committed every day in courtrooms all around this country, where justice is bought and sold like a commodity. The more money you have, the more you can get away with. The concept of “and justice for all” is a joke. Justice seems to only apply to those that can afford it. This young man gets to go about his life, as if nothing even occurred, while countless others’ lives have been ruined for much lesser offenses. The greater crime is perpetrated by those who allow these perversions of justice to occur, and who participate willingly in the fraud that is the current state of our whole legal system.
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