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Choppin’ it up with Var Don

Who knew I needed a new song from Rihanna? I accidently stumbled upon her new song "Lift Me Up", which is the lead single...

Choppin’ it up: David Casto

Welcome back to another Choppin' it up session! This time around, I will be chatting with David Casto, from El Paso, Texas. David is...

Choppin’ it up: JCruize

What's good? I'm back with another talented local artist that I met making my rounds through the city of El Paso. I was set...

Choppin’ it up: K.Scott

Welcome to another "Choppin' it up" session with yours truly. Today's session is with another local artist who goes by the name of...

Do You Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Who doesn’t love food?!We have access to burgers, fries, pizza, ice cream, chips, candy, pasta, fast food joints, and your grandmother’s Sunday meal to...

‘The Office’ leaving Netflix yet another crushing blow by 2020?

It's true, The Office is leaving the popular streaming service Netflix come January 1st 2021. No more binge watching the entire series for...

How neat!

Check out this post from a member of the Nature Addicts group, on Facebook! I think it's pretty intriguing... especially, if all the info shared is fact! Do you know anything about figs? If so, share with us in the comments.

So Wonder-ful!

"What's Good with Stretch and Bobbito" gave the best podcast interview I've ever heard. The episode is an intimate session with the legendary Stevie Wonder.

How much do you KNOW?

What would happen if we took the connotations (negative or positive), implied meanings, colloquialisms, widely accepted "understandings" AND societal norms off the words we used, and simply engaged them based off of their scholarly defined meanings… the actual written definition?

How to Get Your Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich for FREE

Move over! Make room! Wendy's has a new item on the menu!The chicken sandwich wars have a new contender and it's hitting the streets...

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