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Google reveals biggest Gmail redesign in years

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

New service promises to be a mashup of features that are comparable to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and the video call sensation Zoom all into a single application.

Here is a list of some of the most notable features that Google has unveiled:

Google Meet

Google has eliminated Hangouts and replaced it with Google Meet.  This should address the increased demand for robust video call solutions since the coronavirus outbreak. It will be combined with an option for Google Chat for those that prefer to text rather than make a video or voice call.  The new functionality will feature the ability to view a full Google Docs file side-by-side with an ongoing Google Meet session.  This will take place all in the same window.  With this side-by-side display you will be able to perform multiple tasks without requiring to switch between windows during a video call.


Google’s new Gmail will now let you have picture-in-picture video calls while you are still searching, reading and composing emails.  No longer will any single task should take up the entire screen of your device and prevent you from performing other tasks available in the app.

Chat Rooms

The new Gmail will now feature Google Chat and Google Rooms (video chat) to the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.  Each member will be identified with a profile avatar and status indications that allow others to know when you are available or unavailable.

So…When is this redesign rolling out to customers?  Well G Suite customers are already in the process of being phased into the new platform; and will benefit from these changes first.  In fact, MY Gmail has already been converted to the new design.

Unfortunately, there is no date yet for when regular Gmail uses will get the update.


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