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Voisey: Just another app or a huge step for the music industry?

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Vernique is an independent correspondent from Augusta, GA - USA

Imagine a space specifically designed to connect singers, songwriters, producers, beat makers, instrumentalists, rappers, musicians of all calibers, and those who just have a taste in music through song on a single app in your phone. Well imagine no longer because Voisey does just that. Voisey is a collaboration between a few Norwegian and English music industry entrepreneurs: Olly Barnes, Pål Wagtskjold-Myran, Erlend Hausken, and Dag Langfoss-Håland. Record of the Day reports that the app “was inspired by the exponential rise of mobile platforms that encourage users to ‘do’ rather than just ‘look’.”

I was initially exposed to the app through a video my musician cousin posted on her Instagram during the “stay at home” order and was impressed by the crispness of her vocals inside of the application (something I have been searching for inside of the app store for a while). I looked it up the same day, downloaded it to my phone, read the user agreement and terms of service, got intimidated by the layout, and promptly closed the app and went to bed. Since last week I have been on the app creating hooks, harmonizing with myself, and collaborating with people from all over the country and I have to say I’m impressed.

In researching the app and the true purpose behind it, I am now of the belief that it is a huge bridge between the undiscovered artists singing from the comfort of their own homes to the names inside of the industry that can help them turn their dreams or mere interest into a career for several reasons. The first reason is that the application has the capability to make even the most mundane 1 minute snippets sound as if they were recorded in a professional studio instead of a $30 pair of headphones. Second, users are provided with several beats from beat makers looking to get their sound out there who in turn are given the opportunity to showcase their own beats within many genres. In a similar manner to how artists choose beats to work with (and on) inside of the traditional music industry users are then able to pick the beat that suits them best to create their masterpiece. Third, in accordance with the terms of service an individual can cover songs that have already been released, therefore creating a familiarity with those who may come across that person’s recordings. However as noted by music:)ally, 91% of plays on the platform are of original songs, and only 9% of covers. The fourth reason is the vast ability to collaborate with not only others but yourself as well. As a vocalist, in my personal experience, you can exhibit several aspects of your talent within the 4 squares provided however there is something truly amazing about working with someone who has a different vocal style, a unique rapping technique or one of the most surprising in the app yet, an instrument. Lastly, as cited from Record of the Day, there are quite a few high profile investors in this business venture which means to me they will want to see what value this project brings to them and when they do, the most active and creative faces inside of the app have a shot at reaping the fruits of their labor. Not to mention the fact that the Voisey team and their partners are actively scouting inside the app often.

So far the only downside I have noticed is that Voisey is currently only available on the iOS platform though I have heard whispers that is will soon come to the Android platform as well. As a professional vocalist I look forward to the progression of the Voisey app and the opportunities it provides for artists. So far the numbers amassed from Voisey within it’s first year launched have yielded a partnership with Platoon, an independent artist development and distribution company. Be on the lookout for Voisey and what’s to come!

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