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Trump extends unemployment benefits at a lower rate

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

On Saturday, following a collapse on negotiations with Congress, President Trump signed four (4) executive orders which included an extension of unemployment benefits at a reduced rate of $400/week. The U.S. Congress allowed previous coronavirus relief benefit of $600/week to lapse on August 1, 2020.

“It’s $400 a week, and we’re doing it without the Democrats,” the President stated.

While the previous unemployment benefit was fully funded by Washington, this time Trump is asking the states to cover 25% of the cost. This means that in states that opt not to fund any part of the relief fund that unemployment benefits would be even less than the $400/week outlined in the executive order.

It is reported that the president’s team believes the economy needs to stabilize and show signs of growth for him to have any chance at winning reelection. (Marketwatch) Some critics on Capitol Hill and other political arenas claim that the President’s stimulus orders are unconstitutional and illegal; while others tout that they simply will not work.

President Trump with Brett Farve at the Trump National Golf Club

In a strange twist to the whole event, members of Trump golf club in New Jersey recruited as the audience for the impromptu press conferences and inking of Trump’s executive actions. Club members were reported to boo as a reporter suggests the news conference violated social-distancing regulations put in place by Gov. Phil Murphy. (Marketwatch)

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