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More and more women turning to ‘OnlyFans’ to supplement their income amid the Covid 19 crisis

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Adrianna P.R Rhodes-Maxwell
Adrianna P.R Rhodes-Maxwellhttps://theinternationaltelegraph.news/
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Originally when launched back in 2016, Onlyfans.com was created to give fans a more personal and intimate access to their favorite creators through paid subscriptions. Due to the fact that it allows adult and explicit content, it soon became associated with digital sex work, making it possible for women all over the nation to take advantage of its lax nudity policies and generate income mostly by posting photos and videos for others (the fans) to purchase.

After the Covid-19 pandemic ripped a giant hole in the economy, the site has seen a massive surge in content creators and fans alike. An OnlyFans representative stated “that in the last six months, the total amount of user and creator accounts “nearly doubled.” (https://mashable.com) since March the site had a registered 26 million users and just over 350,000 content creators. As of August, the site has more than 50 million total registered users and some 700,000 content creators. (Mashable)

At this point OnlyFans has become so mainstream that major celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon. Beyonce even mentioning it in the “Savage Remix” rapping “On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans.” Cardi B, the newest rapper to join the platform announced her decision via Twitter. “I’m doing a partnership with only fans,” she posted. Cardi B’s approach to using the site is more to the likes of its original intent of giving fans an exclusive inside look at their favorite personalities. Cardi says “Every time someone start a rumor I will be addressing it there …..what else should I post besides rumors and behind the scenes? Maybe a video of me cleaning my home with my nails?” (https://thesource.com)

“OnlyFans is the wave of the future because it is so much harder to steal the content,” wrote Rain DeGrey, a former IRL sex worker and writer who has earned in the top 11 percent on OnlyFans for the last two years. (https://www.elle.com/) Commenting on the benefits of only fans as opposed to other adult platforms.

OnlyFans’s blowup seemed almost inevitable as people are pulling out their hair trying to find new ways to earn a decent income. With 22 million Americans having lost their main forms of income due to the virus, many of us are now turning to “work from home” options. This includes sex workers, strippers, and porn stars who had to move their work to digital platforms and are ineligible for stimulus checks.

Further contributing to the quick rise of OnlyFans is the steady downfall of “The Influencing Era”. Travel influencers can’t travel, lifestyle influencers can’t live the same lavish lives and fashion and style influencers are no longer getting packages since they have no place to wear them out and show them off. Among some of the budgets cut by marketing companies are the “sponsored content” budgets leaving influencers scrambling to find another source of income as well.

OnlyFans seems to be one of the dominating sources of income during this pandemic, and as the virus continues to effect the economical world, OnlyFans may fully become the mainstream solution for many of those left without a steady revenue stream and who do not qualify for unemployment.

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  1. If you would have sourced ALL of your claims I would say this is a class A1 commentary on this subject matter.

    Things like “With 22 million Americans having lost their main forms of income due to the virus…” definitely need to be sourced (although I know you didn’t just make up that stat).

    Remember that you want to inform your reader as a journalist, not necessarily “educate” them. Give them some sources to refer to; even when writing commentary!

    Needs some improvement on essay structure and grammar from a technical standpoint (if that is important to you). However, this is a very good topic and article overall!

  2. This was well written and informative on the matter on Only Fans. I have friends who use it including now myself who have benefited from the platform and this upcoming times due to COVID. It has helped sooo many people gathering incomes. So I for one is glad it exists.

  3. Very well written article, only fans helps keep people safe while still being able to support themselves and take control of their own content.

  4. I feel like onlyfans by creating this platform made an impression in the economy by supporting content creators and letting them pick and choose their prices and not taking control on the content

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