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City of Augusta’s low census response could lead to $1 billion in federal funding cuts

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Vernique is an independent correspondent from Augusta, GA - USA

On September 16th, 2020, WJBF News Channel 6 reported that Mayor Hardie Davis of Augusta, Georgia gave citizens an update on the U.S. census efforts in the city. As recently as September 24th, 2020, WJBF reported that the census response rate was still at 60.2%.

The mayor believes the coronavirus pandemic is a reason for the low numbers. “On the 16th of March, we shut things down in our city and things began to shut down across the state of Georgia Due to COVID-19.  That caused people to be at a place of where the most important thing on everybody’s mind was COVID-19,” said Mayor Davis.

Because each county receives federal funding for things like community development and education are based on population, the response from the community to the census was vital. With up to a billion dollars in funding spanning the next 10 years hanging in the balance, we will see what is to come for Richmond County.

The deadline for Augusta’s citizens to respond to the census was September 30th. (WJBF)

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  1. Am I reading that right? 200 million dollars a year for federal funding? Do the people in the community actually see where that money is being spent? Are the feds cutting off funding totally because the low number or shouldn’t it just be adjusted?

  2. That all sounds good but how much does each individual person see from this and whose paying for those small businesses that have to close when you guys shut things down due to covid

    • End the shut down this is crazy we need to fix the present so our next generation can have a bright future

  3. The importance of census data isn’t stressed enough, I also think the method these communities are trying to get responses is archaic. They should use social media just like they’re using it to get people to register to vote. One thing that is interesting is how do they know the response rate and still need to know the census data?

  4. Ant- awesome informational article. Great read. The census is very important, take it serious.

  5. This is crazy to know that we will be in sooo much debt if we don’t complete this census it’s scary.

  6. I’m not sure where people are getting that this is a “great” article. It’s vague and seems like a filler article, just to push something out for the sake of it.

  7. How were they suppose to do the census online in person. How did they decide to do the census to cut federal spending?

  8. Interesting read. I can see how the lower Census number could have been contributed to the COVID-19 virus. This could simply be due to the fact that some people were afraid to allow other to be close to them during this time. I think that with a little more research and key factors this would be an amazing story that would give more insight into what really cause the decline in numbers.

  9. The census is a great thing in alot of ways but minorities are targeted and controlled with the census.

  10. This was a great read. But I think Augusta’s low number is based on the lack of knowledge of what the census is used for…

  11. I really feel like this is what the “government” wants. The census has never been accurate to begin with.

  12. Losing any kind of funding at this time is hard for anyone maybe something can be done to help this community

  13. This absolutely makes zero sense this affects the livelihood of so many people especially people with families or broken homes when do the people with no voice have their voice heard ? Enough is enough already end the shut down .

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