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College Football History: First game ever coached via Zoom!

Nick Saban still in the lead

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Kirbie "Babygirl" Speights
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That’s the headlines I wanna see in the news about Nick Saban on Saturday! As fate would have it… he has “THE VID”, as Kevin Hart would tell it! How in the heck is this possible, leading up to one of the biggest rival games of the season? I got the news yesterday, and I refuse to accept this!

Let’s roll back a little bit! …well, maybe to the beginning. I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I have a very deep southern upbringing AND my grandma (rest her soul) was the biggest Alabama fan I have ever met in my life. Like, her last purse was houndstooth (she was fashion forward, as well) with the college logo on it. If that ain’t a diehard fan, then I don’t know what is… I said all that to say, I was bred to be a Bama fan, and dammit, I am! I’m not even a football fan, but “I rides for Bama… Roooooooooooooooooooooll Tide, baby!”

Now back to present-day, Nick Saban isn’t going to be coaching the Alabama vs. Auburn game – BLASPHEMY! We need to do something. This just can’t come to pass… I need to speak to management! If we can Zoom school for 8hr days, we can surely let this man coach his team from his quarantined home. I don’t think that is unreasonable at all, do you? …don’t answer that! The point is… Nick Saban is an integral part of the team’s success – let the records speak for themselves. I think we need to either postpone the game OR let him coach from home. That’s the only way… Alabama and no SABAN? Not a thing! That’s like peanut butter, no jelly (don’t think about it too hard… I don’t really care that you don’t like jelly). Seriously though, Nick Saban is as much a team player as the men on the field. We know this and he continues to prove it time and time, again.

What’s Alabama’s current ranking? What’s Auburn’s? My point exactly… put the man in the game. I know this, IF Alabama loses (I’m gonna be pissed), it is only because we gave Auburn the advantage, leaving Saban out of the game day equation. That is all!

Be great!

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