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“To BEard or Not to BEard?”

That was the question!

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Levar Dawkins
Levar Dawkinshttps://theinternationaltelegraph.news/
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I have had a big beard for quite some time now; I want to say a little over 10 years. I remember my reason for growing it out, too. It had nothing to do with Rick Ross (running joke), and everything to do with how fast my facial hair would grow back after going to see my barber. Additionally, I was losing some on top; so I decided if I can’t grow it on my head, I will grow it on my face. In the beginning, it was tough, dry, itchy skin and my beard hair was very coarse. I had to figure out how to maintain this thing, or I would have to cut it off. Before getting to that point, I decided I had to do some research.

I knew I was doing something wrong because I would see men with huge beards, and they didn’t look uncomfortable at all. I wondered, “what are they doing that I am not?”. So, I searched on Google and discovered that the skin on your head is different from the skin on your chin. You can not use the same soap on your head and chin. Shampoo and bar soap dries out the skin on your face, which causes irritation to your skin. With this new information, I realized I needed something to tame this beard, so I dug deeper and found out that they made soaps specifically for beards. Not only was there special kinds of soaps, there were oils, combs, brushes, conditioners … I was totally amazed! After figuring out how to care for a large beard, I started trying different products to find what worked for me. I discovered that a beard oil that contains argan oil is the most important thing needed to grow and maintain a luxious beard, which brings me to this new oil I found, from “Beauty Beyond Beauty“.

Beauty Beyond Beauty is a skin care line that has all sorts of things, ranging from facial sprays to lip balms to toners and a bunch of other skin care products. As you probably guessed, she had beard oil as one of her products. Not just any beard oil, but one that was made with coffee beans. Now at first, I was a little skeptical because I didn’t want to walk around smelling like coffee all day, but saw the other ingredients and decided to give it a shot. It contained the most important oil of all, argan oil!

So my “Cold Brew Beard Oil” finally arrives from Beauty Beyond Beauty, and the first thing I do is open it to see what it smells like! Guess what?! It smells just like coffee! Oh well, it’s here, and I said I was going to try it out, so let’s do this. I used this beard oil for two weeks and I must say, I was pretty impressed. Not only did it give my beard a nice shine, it made my beard feel and look very healthy. Most importantly, the smell of coffee did not linger, once applied!

My beard after using the “Cold Brew Beard Oil” after a couple weeks

I continued to use the Cold Brew Beard Oil until the bottle was finished, and let me tell you, when used with my other beard products, my beard was looking so soft, so fluffy. I mean, the compliments I was receiving were more than usual. I would definitely purchase again. If you are looking for a beard oil that works, this one is for you. So head on over to Beauty Beyond Beauty and tame that mane, today!!!

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