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The future of AstraZeneca­­ Covid-19 Vaccine being explored

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

Following an exclusive interview, a senior Reuters executive reveals that “AstraZeneca (AZN.L) is exploring options for the future of its COVID-19 vaccine and expects greater clarity on the matter by the end of 2021″. (Reuters)

AstraZeneca entered into agreements with the University of Oxford last year to work on developing a Covid-19 inoculation, despite having no prior vaccine experience. They pledged at the time that they would not make a profit during the pandemic.

Foto: Arne Müseler.www.arne-mueseler.com.hallo@arne-mueseler.com

During the interview, Chief Executive Pascal Soriot stated that “the company would keep its pledge to deliver a broadly available and accessible vaccine.” However, recent statements might imply a slight change of heart. It is reported that “Soriot has said that the vaccine will always be kept affordable for low-income countries, even when the company moves away from a no-profit model.” (Reuters)

Executive Vice President and President of the BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit Ruud Dobber confirms this sentiment by saying, “”It doesn’t mean that moving forward we will not make a bit of profit, (however) It’s not sustainable to do it without profits, but it’s too early now to speculate about that.” (Reuters)

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