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Are We In For Another Thursday Night Snooze-Fest?

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Levar Dawkins
Levar Dawkinshttps://theinternationaltelegraph.news/
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Last week, on Thursday, there was an NFL game being played between the Indianapolis Colts against the Denver Broncos.  Now I am all for low scoring competitive games, but this one was not it. This may have been the most boring game I have ever watched. You would think a game with two top tier quarterbacks ( Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson) would have panned out into a more entertaining game. Well, I was completely wrong. This was the longest game ever, due to horrible play by both teams.  I mean neither team’s offense scored a touchdown; the game ended with a score of 12-9, Colts winning.

Don’t let that score fool you; this game was far from a defensive battle. It was mistake after mistake, after mistake, after mis- well, you get it. By the time the 2nd quarter had come around, I no longer wanted to watch. Because I am a fan and love football, I did, in hopes that it would get better in the 2nd half; that’s what usually happens. Again, I was wrong! The 2nd half was just as boring as the 1st, as both teams continued to play horrible football. I couldn’t believe I was watching Russell Wilson, a former MVP and Super Bowl winner, make such bad decisions with the football. Matt Ryan, though he has no Super Bowl wins, has played in some electrifying games for the Atlanta Falcons.

Punt after punt, turnover after turnover, mistake after mistake; it seemed like this game would never end. They almost went into overtime, but the game ended with no extra period, due to a Russell Wilson mistake (thank goodness).

It came to a point where the most exciting part of the game was the commentating. Al Michaels, who has a long history of calling games and is not the reason for most people tuning in, was making sure he stated how bad this game was “tonight”, social media had a blast as well. I mean the game was so bad that Denver Bronco fans were leaving while the Broncos had a chance to win; but, no one cared. No one wanted anything to do with that game.  While this isn’t the 1st time this has happened on Thursday night football, it was the worst, so far.

Even other NFL players couldn’t understand what was going on.  Some fans took to Twitter and had a blast making fun of how bad the game was.  I assume the NFL didn’t expect this type of play when making up the schedule, but someone needs to take the blame, and why not the suits!  How long do we have to wait to get a good competitive game for Thursday night?  This week, we have the Chicago Bears against the Washington Commanders. I think we are in for another snooze-fest, ladies and gentlemen. I hope I am wrong, but numbers don’t lie.

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