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Cocaine at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: New Scandal Taints Presidential Residence

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

The White House was evacuated on Sunday, July 2, 2023, after discovering a suspicious white powder. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the substance was cocaine. The West Wing had a baggie of cocaine, and the Secret Service is currently investigating the situation.

A bag of cocaine was found in the cloakroom of the West Wing over the holiday weekend. That discovery prompted a temporary evacuation of the White House before the Secret Service identified the contents of the bag — mysterious white powder has been sent to many local lawmakers in recent days, alongside threatening letters, so the baggie was initially treated as a serious security concern.

Even after it was determined that the substance was not a lethal poison such as anthrax, there was widespread concern about how a controlled substance was smuggled into what is ostensibly one of the most secure residences in the world. While numerous staffers and guests could have conceivably brought drugs into the West Wing, speculation has centered on the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who visited the White House last Friday and has struggled with a cocaine habit in the past.

After a five-year investigation into alleged tax and gun crimes, the president’s son received a controversial plea deal. which included no jail time, was perceived as very lenient by many. The discovery was made after this plea deal was given.

Former President Trump, who is now President Biden’s political opponent, is facing charges for mishandling classified information. If convicted, he could face life imprisonment. However, some people have criticized the fact that although former Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have also mishandled classified documents, they did not face any legal consequences. This has led to accusations of a “two-tiered justice system” in the United States.

“A bag of cocaine isn’t exactly the case of the century, but I do think it matters,” Daily Wire contributor David Marcus told Morning Wire. “If you or I [were] caught with a stash of nose candy in a government building, let alone the White House, we’d face consequences – and so if this was someone who works there, Americans are going to want to see those consequences meted out.”

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