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Janelle Sly-T Thompson

Editorial Rating: 5-AAAA, Primary Journalism Sector(s): Arts & Entertainment, Health & Wellness - Janelle Thompson is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Musician.

HE DID IT! The King overtakes The Captain

38 revolutions around the sun. 20 years manipulating a burnt orange sphere in the NBA. 4 NBA titles. 38,390 points. 4 teams. 1 man. LeBron James, at 38 years of...

I Wish You Roses

In her newest release, I Wish You Roses, Kali Uchis again brings her crisp falsetto to the forefront, riding the waves of a sultry...

Can your teeth be causing your medical issues?

Teeth are living organisms. They have a blood supply, nerve supply, a "skeletal structure," and even a protective covering, akin to human skin. Recently,...

The Murder of Tyre Nichols – Institutionalized Racism Hits Home

I ran to grab a bottle of water while I had a few minutes in between patients, and I walked into the lounge to...

Anesthesia is just as safe when given by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist or a Physician Anesthesiologist

Late last year, a malpractice lawsuit made nationwide headlines. The case involved a Dallas man who had undergone orthopedic surgery to repair a fracture...

Exploring the Effects of Burnout on CRNA Quality of Care

Burnout in healthcare providers has long been a concern for clinicians, administrators, and patients. It affects all aspects of a person’s being, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The COVID-19 pandemic has "exacerbated existing psychological problems (e.g., stress and anxiety), substantially impeding individuals’ job performance” (Sun et al., 2022).

Living a High Stress Life Can Make You Fat

It's National Stress Awareness Day! Learn about some effects of stress on our bodies and minds, and how we can combat them.

Six El Paso Physicians Honored With Prestigious Title of “Super Doctor”

Six physicians practicing in El Paso, TX, have joined the rank of "Super Doctor." SuperDoctors.com states that "the selection process for Super Doctors is a rigorous...

Tropicana Homes takes the month of November to honor Law Enforcement

In an act of solidarity and support for law enforcement, Tropicana Homes and its affiliates Tropicana Properties, Patriot Mortgage and Tropicana Building, sponsored the...

El Paso Pediatric Opthamologist is in support of opening the economy

I've worked with Dr. Violeta Radenovich in the operating room providing anesthesia for her patients for a little over three years now. During that...

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