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British Airways retires entire 747 fleet after travel downturn

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

With 31 jumbo jets in it’s fleet, the UK Airline (British Airways) is the world’s largest jumbo jet operator.  However, due to the travel downturn caused by Covid-19 global pandemic the airline announced that it will be retiring their entire 747 fleet.

The British media company BBC reports that a spokesperson stated that, “It is unlikely our magnificent ‘queen of the skies’ will ever operate commercial services for British Airways again due to the downturn in travel caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic.”.

While the decision may initially seem like a massive setback, the airline already had plans to retire the planes in 2024.  The travel downturn has just brought that date forward a few years.  Still the economic impact will be significant and may be a harbinger of the economic woes still to come for us all.


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