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5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

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Vernique is an independent correspondent from Augusta, GA - USA

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought, “How can I make these pieces look like something I’ve never worn before?” If you haven’t been shopping for a while then I can guarantee your answer is yes. Let’s explore 5 of the simplest yet colorful ways to add a little spice to your wardrobe with one item: the scarf.

  1. Around the Neck- the most classic of the ways to wear a scarf is around the neck. The styles can vary depending on if the scarf is tied at the neck or simply draped over it a few times but paired with a chic pair of sunglasses in the winter or a pair knee high boots in the winter, you are sure to make a statement.
  2. On Top Of the Head- the possibilities for a scarf worn around the head are more than I can reasonably count. From a headband to a head wrap to a turban, a scarf can be crafted to change the vibe of your attire in minutes.
  3. As a Belt- In the 90’s there was a trend wear silk scarfs were threaded through the belt loops of low rise jeans and paired with a crop top for the ultimate girl-next-door look. This style can not only be worn casually but also put through a pair of slacks for a cute but professional spin on business attire.
  4. As a Skirt- A personal favorite style of mine is taking my scarfs that have a pretty large surface area and replacing the bottoms I typically would wear from my closet for a something that looks fresh and sexy.
  5. As a Shrug- There is something enchanting about throwing a scarf over your shoulders to add a little texture to a plain dress or an otherwise bland outfit.

If you have a few good scarves in your closet your wardrobe can become infinitely more versatile without having to try on new clothes and spend more time in stores than necessary.

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