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Former MI6 agent under investigation for allegedly selling information to Chinese spies

The charges he might face have not been specified .

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Editor-in-chief of The International Telegraph

“The allegations are quite ridiculous, not least because I have zero access to any secret or confidential information,” Fraser Cameron reportedly told The Sunday Times. He also is reported to have submitted a statement to POLITICO, expressing that he has “a wide range of Chinese contacts as part of my duties with the EU-Asia Centre and some of them may have a double function,” but added: “I retired 15 years ago from official employment and have zero access to any sensitive information.” (POLITICO)

Copyright: EU-Asia Centre, Jun 27, 2016

Mr. Cameron now has a case opened by the Federal prosecutor’s office as a result of a Belgian state investigation concluded that Cameron’s alleged activities could constitute a risk for European officials. Cameron is accused of allegedly receiving thousands of euros for providing confidential, but not necessarily classified, political and economic information to the Chinese regarding European institutions. (POLITICO)

Belgium’s state security service is quoted by the Financial Times as saying Mr Cameron’s alleged actions represent “a clear threat towards the European institutions” located in the Belgian capital.

Prosecutors may have to identify other criminal offenses if they want to press charges, however. As espionage is not classified as a crime in Belgium. According to POLITICO, unsuccessful efforts to update the law to criminalize espionage date all the way back to the 1930’s.

Cameron worked for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service from 1976 to 1991.

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