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My First Time Trying Birria Tacos

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Vernique is an independent correspondent from Augusta, GA - USA

If you know GoodGoddessAlmighty, you know that one of my favorite pastimes is eating. That being said, I currently reside in El Paso, Texas, a city rich with Mexican culture from right across the border. Birria is a traditional Mexican dish originating in the state of Jalisco. During the era of the “Conquista,” the interchanging of cultures between the Spaniards and the Mexicans brought about new foods and new traditions, including goats. Because goats bred quickly and goat herds were notorious for eating everything in their path, they became contributors to the famine of the indigenous people in Mexico and thus became a source of meat to curb their hunger. The meat was cooked in holes in the ground to soften the texture and also heavily seasoned to combat the strong malodorous scent. Birria can also be made using beef and lamb.

Needless to say, as soon as I found out about this delicious dish I set out on a months’ long quest to find them in here in El Paso. I searched Google for “birria tacos near me” only to realize that most of the places I was coming across were actually across the border in Ciudad Juárez. One day while out on the Eastside of town, i searched the same thing and found a place about 5 miles away from where I was traveling back from an acting gig. At that point, my mouth started to water to think that I was only a few minutes from trying the dish of my dreams. So we placed the order, waited in the car because…COVID and I waited while my fellow correspondent @levar-dawkins went inside to grab the food. When he came back I opened up the box to find 6 regular chunky (not stringy like birria) beef tacos though the waitress said that they were. I was pissed (but I ate them).

The next day, I was out on the beat, stopping into local businesses to see if I could get some interviews to put into my local spotlight segment when I noticed a food truck sign in front of a bar and restaurant that had tacos on the menu so I decided to go inside and see if this was the spot AND IT WAS. The tacos were everything I hoped for and more. The meat was incredibly tender and well seasoned, the tortillas crispy and golden and the dipping broth very flavorful with a kick. I was so pleased with my meal that I asked to take a picture with the chef for this article (see below) and came back later in the day to get more for my family. If you’re ever on the Westside of El Paso and are looking for a birria taco spot, House of Rock on Resler is the place to be.

GoodGoddessAlmighty and House of Rock chef, Enrique.
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