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Investing in Stocks or Investing in Sports Betting: Are they the same?

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Levar Dawkins
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Can one make a healthy living by placing bets or investing in the stock market? The answer is yes, even though some may think differently but if done with the proper technique investing in the stock market or placing bets on sporting events can net you some good income. At some point in our lives we have all dreamed of using just a single dollar and hitting the lottery and being rich, or going to a casino and bringing home ten times the amount you started with. Which brings me to a question i asked myself and a few other people: “Is investing in the stock market the same as placing a bet on a sporting event?” I honestly believe so, i see it like this: If you like a stock and you believe it can net you some good money you go ahead and invest in said stock. In sports betting the samething occurs but instead of investing in a business, you invest in a game.

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Let me began by saying i am in no way shape or form a stock market or sports betting guru, but i have seen people make money off of stocks and i have seen people make money off of betting on sports. I myself have made some money off sports betting but not enough to do it full time, just for some extra cash, I also have seen people quit their 9 to 5 jobs and go full time in the stock market. It’s a longshot a gamble and many times you often lose more than you win. Which leads me to believe that investing in stocks and investing in sports betting should both be considered gambling. Both have high risk and high rewards, but the main difference between the two is how you get your investment back.

For instance, if you invest in a stock in order to gain any type of money (interest) you must wait and see how well the stock will do, and that usually takes some time maybe some months even years to net any type of profit. The turn around on some sporting bets can be seconds, minutes, maybe even a few hours depending on the type of bet that has been placed. Now depending on the individual’s knowledge on stocks or sports you can net yourself some good money, but again do you want your money fast or are you willing to wait?

Many people make a living off of selling stocks and sporting picks, and depending on their success rate that to can net them some good income as well, but you have to win. Another thing that stands out too me about the two are the risk factors. Let’s say you invest in a stock and the stock doesn’t do well, you may be able to get some of your money back, but in sports betting if your pick loses you get nothing back, zero, nada nothing just the reciept to remind you of how much you lost and could have won. Which makes sports betting a much more higher risk.

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So is investing in the stock market the same as sports betting? I mean they both have their pros and cons, and they both have high risk, but i believe it is up to the individual. They both are considered a gamble so if you are willing to dive in and take that risk go right ahead, just make sure you do your research and invest wisely. Good luck and happy gambling!!!

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  1. What about “day trading”? Day traders often make massive gains (or losses) in matter of MINUTES (not days).

    In my opinion, day trading and sports betting are more similar to one another than traditional stock market transactions. I would love to have read an article comparing those two specifically.

    Take care to proof your articles before you publish and source your references.

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