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Choppin’ It Up: GreenLine

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K Reid (from Brooklyn) and Yung (from The Bronx) form the dynamic duo, “Greenline”.

Couple days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the very talented Hip Hop Duo, “GreenLine” (Yung and K Reid).

What first got you guys into music?
K Reid : Music class, in night school. That’s where I learned to put together bars and put together a whole song. Once I learned how to properly format a song, it was a whole different ball game.
Yung: For me, it was Diddy and Mase (starts singing “Bad Bad Bad Bad Boy”). I always wanted to do that shit. So, I started rewriting some of the verses on the song, but I really didnt start “rapping rapping” until like… high school. Before that, I was writing poetry and short stories.

Who inspired you to make music?
Yung: Aight so, Jay-Z of course; man is the blueprint to everything, and also Lloyd Banks. Listening to Banks I was like “yeah… I can do this like him”. I could relate to them more, so yeah, those are my inspirations for making music.
K Reid: I would say Fab and Nelly. Those two really did it for me; like Fab with his witty and clever lines, fresh type of rapper, and Nelly, with them catchy ass songs like “E.I.” I played that joint like one thousand times.

How would you describe the music that you create?
Yung: Typically, it’s more like a vibe. As far as content goes, it’s more reality based: like life experiences, what’s going on at the time, and it’s also driven by emotion. We like to make fun music, get our bars off. So we do freestyles and things like that, but it’s more like reality what we like to stick to.
K Reid: Yeah, anything relatable like Yung said, “the time, life”. We wanna make music that make people be like “yo thesse niggas is on it, they different”. Also, the fact that myself and Yung have different styles makes the creating process even better.

Take me through your creative process…
Yung: Aight, so say the beat come on. It’s crazy how effortlessly that he may have a melody and I have a melody; they two different melodies, but the concepts be right on point. It’s rare that we clash. That only happens when he be on his singing shit.
K Reid: Facts. He start mumbling… I start mumbling… next thing, all that mumbling turns into a whole song. Heads get the nodding, say a couple bars back and forth. Pretty much how we create; just build off each other.

If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?
Yung: ANY ARTIST!!!! With this pandemic that’s going on right now, to be on stage is a blessing… so any artist.
K Reid: Word!! I’d open for any artist, right now. To be back on stage would be a blessing.

How have you guys been dealing with the pandemic, as far as music goes?
Yung: We still creating, you know, gotta keep the swords sharp.
K Reid: As an artist, you always gotta keep that fire lit, so I’m always creating.

What is the most useless talent you have?
Yung: I can burp really loud, lol.
K Reid: Ahhhh, I don’t know …let’s comeback to that one. lol

What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
Yung: Probably be more focused on my clothing line, “No Fake Love Apparel”. Follow us on instagram and facebook @nofakeloveapparel , and in the bio is a link to our online store. WWW.nofakeloveapparel.bigcartel.com . I love fashion. I love creating.
K Reid: I don’t know. I probably would’ve went to college and be in debt, lol. Some people go to college four years, get a degree and graduate, and not get a job in the field of they degree, lol.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?
K Reid: It has opened up so many different avenues. When we first started shit…. I wished the internet was booming like it is now! Like, do something and it go viral; it’s crazy.
Yung: I think it’s a double-edged sword, though; a real double-edged sword. The internet made it easier to get your music out to the masses, like on ya block. They say “100 niggas rap, but only 100 niggas on ya block knew that”. And now, “there is 100 niggas on ya block that rap, and now, thousands of people around the world know them.” Big difference and it’s tougher to get good looks and stuff. It’s also dictating what good music is. Overall, it helps spread the music faster. Again, it’s a double-edged sword; not everyone suppose to use it, lol.

What’s the most trouble you have ever gotten into?
Yung: I didn’t get in trouble for a lot…lol. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t in trouble, lol. Shit I did do, mom dukes was always like “You held it down?”, I was like “yeah ma”. She say “get yo ass in the house then!!!”. Never really had any trouble with the law, though.
K Reid: Yeah, I didn’t get into much trouble. I had a Trinidadian pops, so I knew better, lol.

Good Ole’ Boys huh….

What’s the best advice you have been given?
Yung: Always be yourself!!!
K Reid: Keep climbling that ladder. No matter how difficult it gets, keep going!!!

What’s next for Greenline?

K Reid: UNFORGIVABLE is our next project. That’s what we are working on, right now. We have been hard at work, and now, it’s time to give the people some new music. Been a lot going on, so we might as well bless ya’ll with some music.

How did you guys come up with the name “Greenline”?
Yung: We saw it on a bus…LOL. Nah, for real though, I’m from the Bronx and Reid, from Brooklyn. And, what train connects both burroughs?… the 4 train, which is considered, the “Greenline”. After we came up with the name, we saw the shit on every bus, lol.

Where can we find your music?
Greenline: We are available on all streaming platforms. All you gotta do is type “GreenLine” in the search bar and enjoy.

How can people follow you?
K Reid: Instagram “@_luxureid”.
Yung: Insta “@allwaysyung”, on Facebook “@greenlinemusic”, same on YouTube.

Ok guys, thanks for your time. Wish you nothing, but success. #StayGrinding #StayWorking

GreenLine : K Reid and Yung

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  1. Big ups to these guys and their mindset especially in this pandemic! Having Nas and Jay z for their inspiration is great but I think having Lloyd banks and Nelly kinda sets them apart I feel. Wish nothing but success for these guys!

  2. This was a dope read! With having a west indian parent myself I can respect the disclipine and the hustle.

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