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So Wonder-ful!

An intimate interview with Stevie Wonder

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Kirbie "Babygirl" Speights
Kirbie "Babygirl" Speightshttps://theinternationaltelegraph.news/
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WOW! That’s where I begin!

On a long drive across town one night, I decided to listen to a podcast, instead of my typical music groove. Spotify has a pretty great search engine when it comes to serving new media, so I gave it a shot. After a few quick glances at some descriptions, I hit play.

Lemme tell you something! This may be the best podcast interview I have ever EXPERIENCED, ’cause that’s exactly what it was – AN EXPERIENCE, in my whole life! This podcast was a total rollercoaster ride… the lows were low and the highs rocketed me to new heights. There was depth and humor and even SILENCE! Who can pull off silence in an interview?! (Stevie Wonder-ful, that’s who!) There were literal moments where words couldn’t do it; and true to form, Stevie answered with music. Oh yes, he did…sat right there and played us some keys that were worthy of the moment. I’ll wrap it up here, otherwise I might spoil it for ya. I could go on and on… I loved it THAT much!

Before I go, I will say that the fluidity of this interview was masterful, in my opinion. The show is called, “What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito”. Aside from being incredibly engaging, I found it refreshing that they were quite knowledgable about Stevie Wonder, the man; not just the musician. I look forward to more from them… I loved the ride! Go see for yourself…

Until next time, Be Great!

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