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Tropicana Homes takes the month of November to honor Law Enforcement

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In an act of solidarity and support for law enforcement, Tropicana Homes and its affiliates Tropicana Properties, Patriot Mortgage and Tropicana Building, sponsored the cost of lighting the infamous El Paso star BLUE for the month of November.

The El Paso Star on the Mountain has been blue for the month of November in honor of Law Enforcement. Photographed on November 26, 2020 by Janelle Sly-T Thompson.

In a blog post from their website entitled “We Back The Blue”, Tropicana states that “The idea for ‘Blue Star Over El Paso’ was initiated by Precinct 4 County Commissioner Carl Robinson who contacted Bobby Bowling IV, President of Tropicana Building, and co-owner of the Tropicana companies- to consider the sponsorship. ‘When Commissioner Robinson called- we did not hesitate to show our support,’ stated Bobby Bowling IV, ‘it’s a great way to honor the officers that work so hard to help maintain the great quality of life we enjoy in El Paso.'”

On any given night in the city of El Paso, passersby can look up on the mountain and see the infamous star. Touted as one of the safest cities in the United States (5th in 2020), El Pasoans have long relied on “LEOs” for their protection.

Patrol Officer Renger has been on the force for 1.5 years. He comes from a family of law enforcement and said that he’s wanted to be a police officer since he was a little kid. When asked why he joined the force, his reply is indicative of the mindset of the city: “I just love the city… There’s something unique about El Paso and I just wanted to serve my community more.” I had the opportunity to speak with him about his thoughts regarding being honored in such a big way, and he was all smiles. “The great thing about El Paso is that we’re one big community… We love the support. So, it’s just a little reminder every time we’re on the streets that says, ‘You know what? The city’s got our back just like we’ve got the city’s back.'”

The tribute ran for the month of November and ends tonight.

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