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Rapper T.I arrested in The Netherlands

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Adrianna P.R Rhodes-Maxwell
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While vacationing in Italy to celebrate his 11th year with his wife, Tomeka “Tiny” Harris, the couple decided to take a small tangent on over to Amsterdam where the rapper rap into police… literally.

According to T.I he was riding his bike while using his phone when he and an Amsterdam squad car collided and as a result he was taken to jail. Using your phone while biking is illegal in Amsterdam and many other places in The Netherlands.

T.I’s 15 million followers got the news via a live video posted by the rapper on Instagram.

“So I’m locked up now,” Tip starting his video.

“I’m obviously not supposed to have my phone as I’m biking, and because the policeman ran into me and broke his rearview [mirror], and because I didn’t have my passport on me. I don’t know, it’ll be fine.”

Tip stated that even though the officer was aggravated, the ride to jail was drama-free relatively speaking.

“He was extremely upset,” Tip testified. “I myself was having a great time. Still, I’m still not upset. I’m having a phenomenal time. They arrested me, they didn’t even put me in handcuffs. They just opened the back door and invited me to the backseat. I obliged.”

He [T.I] tried to bail himself out with the large amount of cash he had on him (which he flashed for the cameras) however the police made him call someone to bring his passport.

He’s fine now.

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