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The People Declare Independence

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Kirbie "Babygirl" Speights
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Saturday, December 17, 2022, marked a new beginning for free and independent nation, The Xi-Amaru Republic. 

After countless appeals to their former nation, The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA), and petitioning Chief Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali Muhammad, to no avail, the nation has moved to establish their own independence; absolving all allegiances and ties, including connections, to The Indigenous Political Authority (IPA).

While this motion should come as no surprise to ARNA and IPA, it is a history-making new dawn for those Aboriginal Indigenous people disenfranchised by a nation that should have been exemplary, in thought and action, of a “home”.

Despite the necessity to separate as its own entity, The Xi-Amaru Republic Independence Day was, by no means, a day of sorrow and discontent. It was a day of LIBERATION, CELEBRATION, and UNITY! 

When asked to share their experiences, words such as “powerful” and “unifying” were used. One member even expressed, “I thought it was a very well executed event…something to feel proud about.” Each account kept a consistent spirit of gladness, and an optimistic outlook on the annus mirabilis to come. 

A Republic based on providing for the collective interests of our people; we are on the precipice of creating something great!

-AnkhSatetAmun Xi-Amaru NabiSentAmun 


  • Xi-Amaru Republic Declaration of Independence
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