As the clich√© saying goes, “Life is what you make it”, and I tend to believe that’s true!

Many, I’ll even venture to say MOST, things in the home are there to lend to the aesthetic that the dwellers present are looking to create. What does that mean??? Simple – you can have, OR NOT HAVE, whatever you want in your home!

How you introduce people to and engage that reality is totally up to you. How do we know there is validity in this idea?

Well… CULTURES! They are the very first things that come to mind, when I start to open my perspective. Let’s look at the dining experience, for example. In some cultures, it is customary to be fully dressed (shoes included) in a chair, at a dining table, with multiple place settings, silverware, glasses, and courses! In others, you may find near the opposite – shoes removed, as you dine at a table setting, barely above the floor, upon which you are seated, sharing a meal from the same dishes with your hands! Can you imagine what a home swap might FEEL like? DIFFERENT is my best guess!

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Let’s take it a step further… think about the myriad of emotions and thoughts that may be conveyed to someone else, who may not have had that experience. In that interaction, the person sharing has the power to potentially shape the opinion of the listener. Was the experience positive or negative? Did they have nothing? Were they uncivilized or improper? Rich? Poor?

Wealth has so much to do with perceived value… or dare I say, everything to do with it. Consider the varying things that can make one “wealthy”:

  • Knowledge/Information/Education
  • Currency
  • Natural resources
  • … and the list goes on.

These things all have something in common. They only matter where they have (are given) value!

I’m gonna stop here with this one before I run away with myself. I will leave you with this…

While your tax bracket can absolutely change your experiences, your perception is the leading lady that defines them.