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Scarf Magic!

How I Wrap My Hair:

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Start… and leave the rest to God! Lol

Seriously, though… I’ve been asked by many, on many occasions, to show how I wrap my hair. Friends, family, even associates and strangers have reached out. My answer is always the same sentiment. I really have no particular method that I follow. Well, one of my sisters sent a great video of her wrapped locs and it hit me… I do have a major key for my process, “Wrap LAST”!

It’s important to have my base established before I pick up a wrap, for my body or my hair. If you’ve ever been around me long enough, you’ll notice that I’ll wrap myself in anything that is large enough and will present well. A scarf, a blanket, a frayed piece of fabric… even a pair of pantyhose, if they’ll sit properly. With that in mind, I think it’s important to have my body in the light that I desire to see it. That means having a minimum standard to present yourself is an integral step in the process. Clothing simply accentuates and features (or not) what is already there. For me, that looks like having my makeup done and/or my skin moisturized and ready for the world😊. After I’ve done most or all of the grooming needed, then I begin to wrap and lay my fabric to my liking for the day. Sometimes it takes starting over and even changing to a different piece because it’s not falling in a way that is flattering; that’s ok. Some days will be better than others, just do your best.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s not how I wrap my hair that makes it appealing, it’s how I WEAR it. And that’s with confidence… unapologetically.

Here are a few simple wraps from Ab K. to check out! How To: 3 Easy Headwrap Styles Let me know how they work out for ya!

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