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The Deion Effect

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The resurgence of the Coach Sanders led Colorado Buffaloes is certainly one of the biggest stories in college football this year; a program that hasn’t been relevant in many years. After leading the Jackson State University program to a 27-7 record in his 3 year stewardship, he was offered the Colorado job. He accepted, bringing a lot of HBCU players with him, thanks to the new rules governing the transfer portal and NIL, set forth by the NCAA. Under previous rules, a player could not transfer to another school without sitting a whole year before he is eligible to play. Now, a player can transfer and be immediately eligible to play in the upcoming season. NIL stands for Name, Image, Likeness; which now allows players to profit off of their names through outlets such as video games, autographs, appearances, etc. Previously, players weren’t allowed to take any money, under any circumstances. The penalty for accepting money was loss of eligibility. These were two very monumental changes, in those particular rules.

For Coach Sanders and his program, the results have been nothing short of unprecedented. Last year, Colorado finished 1-11. This year, under Coach Sanders and his players, they are 2-0 and currently ranked 18 in the polls. His son, Shedeur, has vaulted himself into the Heisman conversation. A wonderful story on all accounts………

 Yet, strangely enough, Coach Sanders’ style and his program has been under attack since the moment he took the job. In reality, the only thing he’s guilty of is taking advantage of the opportunity and the new rules set forth by the NCAA. It is my belief that if this were a blonde haired, blue eyed coach from down South or the Midwest, the conversation would be much different. When you hear opposing coaches criticize Coach Sanders because he wears sunglasses and a hat to a press conference, it is clearly an ignorant issue to bring up, which quite frankly reeks with racist undertones.

To Coach Sanders and his program’s credit, they have not taken the bait. They have handled themselves with nothing but class, and have more than done their talking on the field, which is where it counts. Continued support and success to Coach Sanders.

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