I have been quite the lazy writer lately, not taking much interest in the things I used to love researching and having very little creativity or personality in the things I write. Which kind of saddens me because as a youngin’ I always found interest in the macabre, always wanting to find the worst and most depraved of the monsters. I was so sick of the Jeffrey Dahmers and Ted Bundy’s. I wanted the sickos, the REAL psychotic minds. While old Albert Fish and Ed Gein sparked my gothic little soul for awhile, in the end all it did was make me desire more, crave more, it made me want to learn about the sickos, the real weirdos, the depraved and true monsters of this world. It led me down a deep dark path through the internet, into chat rooms and forums I had no business being in, and probably not enough actual internet knowledge to keep me safe online. (Side note: I found out shortly after getting married, thanks to my husbands immense technical knowledge that I had been carrying around the same internet bug throughout all my devices for years, wonder where I retrieved that little technical gift huh?) Me being the curious and unwise cat that I am, took an in ill advised trip down the Disturbing Internet Video Iceberg (and quite a few other icebergs, I had no business going down). Now if you don’t know what the internet icebergs are, they are internet hierarchies based off the structure of an iceberg. The premise being, the deeper and darker the level, the darker and more depraved the video (or game, or movie or whatever the iceberg is portraying, anyway after years and years of scrolling through violence, I decided, why not break into October by bringing you some of the odd, unnerving and just depraved things I have come across:

(example of one of the icebergs)

So I thought categorizing it might be best, because it is a lot to ingest at once. I suggest maybe taking your time, take a lunch break and maybe a nap with some soothing ocean sounds in between each category. (Warning Past this point topics involving violence, sexual abuse and other distressing subjects so, read at your own discretion.

An Un-numbered List Of Some Of The Most Disturbing Videos On The Internet:

Mr. Hands
Somewhere near the surface level of one of the icebergs I was going down, I came across a video who’s title I recognized immediately named Mr. Hands. Now sadly I first came across this video as an adolescent. It was one of those films you showed your friends (like the equally horrid, for different reasons the disgustingly infamous “Two girls one cup” video. ) Mr. Hands was simple in its horror. A man named Kenneth Pinyan and his friends would sneak into stables just outside Seattle, and film themselves doing perversely depraved, violently putrid acts with the horses. Even allowing the horses to **** them. During one of these such films Pinyan died while being mounted by one of these poor animals, and the internet being the new, wildly uncensored place it was at this time, passed this video around like cheese samples in a dying mall, subjecting many innocent eyes (like mine) to witnessing the tragic and horrific death of Kenneth Pinyan.

I Feel Fantastic

As I’m going in no particular order of placement on the iceberg, we come to the slightly tamer but ever so creepy I Feel Fantastic.
I Feel Fantastic is one of those just eerie get under your skin kind of videos. In the video there is a creepy and choppy video of a housewife looking android in a sweater singing a song posted up in an almost liminal feeling house. The video gets its vibes from the unsettling geometry in which the house was shot and the seemingly random shots of the backyard and an ominous mound of dirt and an empty field not to mention the creepy song sang by the droid herself. The video itself while creepy on its own, would not have made this list, though the back story of the video has definitely sparked a dark interest. As it is theorized that the android, named Tara was owned by an unknown serial killer who would dress her in his victims clothing. It’s said the random shots of the field and dirt were shots of where he buried his victims before Tara ended her owners life.

Blank Room Soup

This is one I had to seek out myself, and let me tell you, I wish I hadn’t. In this video, a man sits at a table, blindfolded eating what can only assumed is soup, his eyes are blacked out with a censor bar and as he eats he appears to be sobbing into his comically large spoon.. At some point in the video, two men in humanoid almost baby-esque costumes/disguises enter the room. One of them begins to rub the mans back almost as if he’s comforting him which in turn causes the man to start sobbing hysterically into the bowl and start shoveling the soup into his mouth with gusto. At only a minute long, this video is extremely unsettling. Furthermore no one actually knows if this video is real, but the theory is that the man just watched his wife get murdered in front of him, and the soup he was now being forced to eat contained her remains.

Dining Room/ There Is Nothing

Again jumping around the iceberg, this video, while also simple, is a famous one for horror fans all over the globe. Its plot was simple. A girl, pale and in sickish yellow lighting sits at a table speaking what only sounds like gibberish while the camera uncomfortably zooms out revealing a dining table with yet another bowl in front of her and a blazing fire behind her. All of a sudden out of nowhere, the creepy girl violently faceplants into the bowl as the camera and audio “reverses” and you see that she was really saying “there is nothing”. The extremely eerie video is said to be a simple yet powerful art piece revealing the artists macabre thoughts on the afterlife, in which he believes after this life, there is nothing.

(from this point forward there will be no pictures for obvious reasons)

Diving into the deeper parts of the web and onto some of the lower tiers of the iceberg we land at a series of videos in the Snuff category. Snuff films are films of death, actual videos of people often murdering other human beings, and sometimes though less often films of tragedies causing death. While there are a few depraved human beings who do terrible things to people, record them and post them on the internet, a majority of these snuff films are films created by terrorist groups, and violent gangs as warnings to other rivals or potential victims. One such example of these films was a group of videos called “The Cartels

The Cartels

“The Cartels” is a series of horrific execution videos posted on the internet by some of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels, They are extremely graphic and damaging to watch, which is why I wrote down watered down details of the videos for us curious cats that want to know the more messed up sides of human nature without damaging our psyches.
(furthermore I am not stating I have or haven’t watched any of these videos myself, I am just here providing information that can be readily found on the internet through personal research, many of these videos are illegal to watch, DO NOT SEARCH VIEW OR SHARE ANY OF THE VIDEOS MENTIONED IN THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS)

2 Guys 1 Chainsaw:

The video opens with two men presumed to be an Uncle and his younger Nephew, they are shirtless, hands tied behind their backs and forced to answer a series of questions being barked at them in Spanish. At some point early into the video a man comes unto the screen and put a chainsaw to the nephews neck revving it repeatedly, presumably taunting him horrifically before actually sawing through the young mans neck. Effectively beheading the young Nephew right next to his already defeated Uncle who looks on with no expression clearly accepting his fate. Shortly after the grisly murder witnessed by the Uncle and viewers alike, another man comes on screen and begins to saw off the Uncle’s neck with the dullest knife you could ever possibly get your hands on..making for a slow and painfully drawn out death. The video then zooms in on the Uncle choking on his own blood and suffocating before the video ends with a chilling message warning rival cartel members that this is their fate if captured.

Duckpack 51:

Duckpack 51 is a classic bate and switch video causing it to sadly go viral around Tik Tok as it starts starts as a seemingly innocent video of a girl performing a Tik Tok dance before being abruptly cut off and replaced with the violent execution video of 19 year old Rodolfo Belluci. In the video he is sitting in an almost fetal position looking up at the camera in what looks to be like a locker room or storage space, surrounded by 3 men who are viscously beating him to pieces and calling him the most despicable and demeaning names in Spanish you can think of. The video follows the horrific torture of Belluci until his neck is cut so severely that he is almost (but not quite) decapitated. Following his murder, his body was later used in a dark game the cartels liked to play with law enforcement. In this game, the gang will dismember whichever victim they just slaughtered, and place the body parts all over the city. The game is the initiated by the cartel mutilating the head of the body to the point that it is unidentifiable and leaving it in front of the police station, therefore inciting the police to locate the other parts of the body in order to identify this victim, thus pulling them into this sick puzzle.

Funkytown Gore:

Funkytown Gore may actually be the most infamous video not just on this list, but ever. This nearly 3 minute long video is also one of the most brutal videos to disgrace the interweb. It begins by showing a man tied down with extension chords as “Sweet Child O’ Mine” plays in the background the song eventually transitioning to “Funkytown” giving this video its infamous title. Upon closer inspection of the man, you see that he is tied down by his arms as he had no longer has hands, eyes…..or face, as his face has been completely skinned. And yes somehow, and tragically this poor man was still alive screaming and writhing in pain in a pool of his own blood. I’m going to guess they gave him drugs to keep him alive longer. Now one of the saddest and personally hardest things for me (and BELIEVE ME the whole video is horrendous) was at some point the man manages to get one of his arms free and goes to touch his face, but again there is both no hand there and no face to touch so he’s just pawing at nothing with nothing and its honestly so incredibly heartbreaking. And while this poor man is hopelessly attempting to touch his face, another man is gently (I’m assuming it’s only gentle to keep him alive and avoid accidentally severing an artery) using a box cutter to f***ing fillet his neck. The video ends with them slitting his throat though the man is not seen dying on camera.
If you are into exploring the macabre and depraved parts of the internet, I strongly suggest you avoid this one. As watching the mans faceless realization of the truth befalling him has got to be one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed in life.
And this video too sadly went viral on social media.


Hi is often thought to be the second part of Funkytown Gore. This shocking three minute long video opens with a man holding a human heart that he had just cut out of someone’s body and it appears to still be beating. In the background you see the shapes of people appearing to be cutting up another person. Then the man who was holding the heart walks up to the people dismembering the body, takes the head and begins to… soccer with it. Yes, soccer. While the other men laugh. The ending of this video is the men finish dismembering the victims body and play a game of arm wrestling with the victims dismembered arm.

so. yup.

Sponsored By Adidas:

So hopefully I don’t have to tell you that this video IS NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM ACTUALLY SPONSORED BY ADIDAS. The video is uncomically named this due to the executioners choice of fashion in the video where he wears a ballcap with the adidas logo clear as day. The video opens up to a man, tied up in nothing but his underwear, laying on the ground. Another man enters the frame with a giant hunting knife and just cuts him wide open, spilling blood and guts all over the floor with a chilling lack of expression. The victim who is now crying and screaming lays open as someone with the camera shows you his lungs inflating a deflating. As the man is writhing on the floor in pain, Ol’ Adidas here walks up to him and calmly cuts off a piece of one of his organs and eats it in front of him.


Moving on because sadly, “The Cartels” are not the only disturbing set of videos again I say, disgracing the interweb. Oh no no no my dears, we aren’t done, and quite frankly I am still not sure at what point I feel like ending this list. And I know I may be sparking the curiosity of many of you who are into the darker and more depraved parts of the internet however I’m giving a stiff warning as most of these videos come riddled with Malware and will ABSOLUTELY RUIN YOUR COMPUTER OR DEVICE SO DO NOT WATCH THESE! Hopefully my little debriefing is enough to keep you out of the dark corners of the internet that you have no business being in. Thank you, and I digress.

Sliding on through the spectrum of horrid and horrible, we arrive at the infamous shock sites and again DO NOT VISIT THESE SITES, THEY CONTAIN MALWARE, THEY WILL COMPLETELY EFF UP YOUR DEVICES. Furthermore, these sites can be found on the “clear web” and therefore are accessible without much other than simply knowing the domain name. One of the sites I’ll be going through has been taken down by its own creator, as he stated that its purpose was fulfilled when the site went so incredibly viral so incredibly fast.. When I say theses sites are extremely damaging to your computer, I MEAN THE SITES ARE EXTREMELY DAMAGING TO YOUR COMPUTER, DO NOT LET CURIOUSITY KILL THE CAT, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT, FIND RESEARCH, PEEK AT, NONE OF THAT. THESE SITES WILL ABSOLUTELY F*** YO S*** UP (excuse my language)

Alright, moving cautiously forward, the first site on the list is “” Many of you may have already heard of this one due to the immense popularity in the earlier days of the internet. was what was known as a classic ‘Bait and Switch’ site.
Making itself known as a woman’s empowerment and feminist site, it doesn’t reveal its true sinister backside, until you “consent.” Masking as the empowerment site, the page opens with a home screen warning telling you that the website is filled with stories of women empowerment and some stories may be sensitive to viewers under 18. However, as I’m sure you have guessed, you are not about to find yourself on a journey through women’s victories and triumphs, oh no ma’am (or Sir). Instead the site takes over your computer completely, forcing itself into full screen mode and attacking the volume on your computer. As the song Pretty Woman is playing loudly over and over, videos flash on the screen of every horrifying and sick thing you could ever imagine possibly happening to a woman. And I mean every single awful thing your mind comes up with. The videos contained sick images of maggot filled vaginas, pus filled breasts due to cancer and rotted lady parts. The worst thing is if you tried to leave the site, it would just get louder and louder while bombarding you with hateful messages. In order to exit you would have to fully shut your computer down, unplug everything and wait at least 30 minutes. This website was actually so disturbing that it was eventually taken down by the xyz domain owners.

This one should actually come second in the list but hey, I did say an unorganized list. The creator, Obok Meat God created it to expand on the legacy of the following site in this list.

The next site on our list is another version of a bate and switch called and this one at least the last time I checked was still up (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT THIS SITE). This one was usually sent via link by friends or people you knew, and it was kind of disguised as a prank or meme page buuttt again, because we are here, we know damn well, this is not about to be any kind of comedic showdown. It opens on a simple black screen with a message that says “this website contains dark adult humor which is unsuitable for children. 18+ only!” with a big enter button and some pictures of clowns. And as soon you enter the site, it again, takes over your whole computer, blaring two distinct bloody screams through your speakers (loud enough to even damage the speakers as the site disrespectfully does not adhere to the levels set in place by the manufacturer) and it is believed these screams are the tragic real screams of real people being tortured. The videos being played on the screen changes from time to time, but they range from pork cyst being pressed out of a human liver, to dogs being skinned alive. The way the site is set up, there’s usually a video in the center of the screen showing something horrific and incredibly graphic, with other videos in the four corners of the screen flashing through disturbing picture after disturbing picture. Some of the more infamous pictures were of a ‘hopefully photoshopped, but incredibly realistic’ man having sex with what looked like an exploded corpse and a baby being grilled with photoshopped genitalia on it, though that one was taken down by the owner after sometime and replaced with a picture of the Chinese skin trade as he wasn’t sure if the baby was a real baby or not.

Eventually the creator ended up taking down all the disturbing content and left a message in its place saying the site had served its purpose, that being, seeing how far and wide the shock would spread with no advertisement or budget whatsoever. And it did its job, because at the time of the message, the site had reached over 30 million views. The message was taken down and the site was eventually replaced with two community forums that kind of mimicked what the site did: Stumpgrinder and Tube.kekmahub again, sites contain malware and are dangerous for your computer, do not visit either of these sites (declined putting full addresses for obvious reasons)

The site originally took off in forums like Reddit and 4chan, a youtuber named Kronic actually commented the site’s URL under a lot of videos, lending to a decent amount of traffic to the website, after him a Redditor named “The Roman Atheist would comment the link under numerous threads, while saying things like it was a role play website, or Reddit’s hottest alternative essentially tricking people into viewing the sites.

In July of 2020 the websites views shot up exponentially as the site was actually seized by the government for obscene content, causing the site to blow up all over social media, starting a major conspiracy trend on Tik Tok. Obviously, the creator, unfazed just put it under a new domain and kept it pushing. However the new site was ALSO taken down within a month by the domain owner itself, prompting yet another pop up of the site, which remained until the creator took it down and left his mission message.


I believe the last few things I’ll talk about is some of the internets foulest video games, as sometimes simply watching atrocities isn’t enough, so of course, some digital creators took the macabre again just a bit too far in my opinion and actually released interactive video games filled with content that shouldn’t be seen by anyone.

Sad Satan

One such example of these is a game that circulated the dark areas of the internet named Sad Satan. Now a version of the game still exist and can be played but the content that initially got the game banned, has been long removed, The game begins with the player in first person walking down a dark hallway, with the background noise seemingly a smorgasbord of reversed sounds and eerie music. Reaching the end of the hallway, the player is greeted by a picture of a man standing in an antler filled hallway, donning his own pair of antlers, after being kicked back into the hallway, a picture of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Savile holding NSPCC badges (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) takes over the screen, the picture being ironic due to the fact that Jimmy here is a serious sexual predator. Following this a picture of JFKs assassination flashes onscreen closely followed by a picture of Baphomet. Throughout the game, known child predators flashed in and out across the screen. Now as eerie and uncomfortable as that sounds its nowhere near the depravity of the real version of the game, Walking the same dark hallways though instead of music playing in reverse, you are met with vicious screams, and instead of unsettling photos of predators, you are being hit with photos of CP, death, videos of real SA and bloody rituals, The actual game contained videos of real crimes, sparking real investigation and causing major controversies on the sites it originated on like 4chan and Reddit. While the censored version of the game can be accessed with an onion link and still played today, the original version has been removed by the feds and is currently under investigation.

Welcome to the Game

Welcome to the game is a bit over-dramatized puzzle horror game creating simulations of interactions on the dark web. The objective of the game is to find a “Red Room” which is an online room in which viewers can pay to view the torture of another human being.

The game starts with the player being bound to a chair in front of a desktop computer where after being offered a tutorial by an online friend, they can access the dark web via A.N.N (Anonymous Node Network) browser. The player is then given a list of websites to search through while looking for the infamous Red Room. Some of the websites hide a key that when put together with other keys forms the URL of the Red Room. The kicker is the player has to finish the game in 30 days, as the Red Room is only up for that long, when the time runs out the game is over. Throughout the entire experience the player is constantly getting hacked and will have to remedy this by playing little coding mini games. The closer the player gets to finding the room, the more likely a kidnapper will track their IP address and break into their home. If the player succeeds, they will finally access a Red Room where a live snuff film plays before the credits roll and the game ends.


The Mortuary’s Assistant

After completing your degree in mortuary sciences, you accept an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. After learning all the ins and out of embalming by your mentor, you are finally called in one night to handle some embalming’s by yourself and you immediately notice that these bodies seem a Shortly after this realization, you receive a call from the mortician confirming rumors you’ve heard about River Fields and discover that you cannot in fact leave. You maneuver the halls of the mortuary completing grotesque puzzles and banishing demons while attempting to discover the secret of River Fields. This game makes this list due to the grotesque nature of the embalming’s and violence that occurs throughout the game.


Most if not all of us are familiar with Rockstar games Grand Theft Auto, which became notorious for its violence. But before making it possible to virtually beat up street walkers in digital jeeps and steal their money, Rockstar games came out with a violent little cult favorite named Manhunt. In the game, the objective is to save your family by participating as the main killer in a series of snuff films. The game is filled with a healthy amount of mutilations and decapitations earning this morbid game a place on this unorganized list.


I think that’s a decent amount of debauchery for one article, however I did so much research that I have pages and pages of despicable things to talk about and will therefore be doing a part two for the weirdos interested in knowing about the dark side of the web, but are smart enough to read about it and not search for the sites or videos themselves.


(due to the nature of the article I cannot site my sources, so you’ll have to just take my word for it. Go watch some cartoons and have a good rest of your week. Happy Halloween)