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Who Killed Kenni???

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Growing up, I was heavily influenced by East Coast rap; very rarely did I listen to anything else. Wasn’t until the early 2000s that I was introduced to Southern rap (AKA “Dirty South Music ”). At first, it was a hard listen due to the heavy southern drawl and slang. Over time though, I was able to decipher what they were saying. I began to realize “dem dirty south boys be rappin!!!”. Now that I enjoy some southern artists like UGK, 8ball & MJG, No Limit Soldiers, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Jeezy, my rap palette has been opened and I want more. Fast forward to 2023, I discovered an artist by the name of Kenni Sosa, who is from Dallas, TX. He has a heavy southern accent, slick wordplay and an ear grabbing tone that makes you want to listen over and over again. I’m not gonna front, I had to rewind a few times to try and decipher his lines. (I had to do that due to his heavy accent and not being up on the slang used in the south.)  I introduce to you all Kenni Sosa. 

“Who Killed Kenni?”

Kendricks Introduction feat. Yodchai

Opening track to the album “Kendricks Introduction”, Kenni Sosa speaks on his ups and downs in life. From living in his car, making sure his kids are good and dealing with haters; it’s pretty much a look into his life. He talks about life goals and what motivates him to be a better father/friend, and a better person, overall. 

New Bar Baby

A song full of bars. This is the type of southern rap I enjoy. Kenni is a “rapper’s rapper”. Beat goes hard and mixes perfectly with his raspy southern drawl. Reminds me of 8ball & MJG, the way he just flows on the beat. Swagger on a trillion, letting everybody know there is a new bar king in the south and Sosa is him. He also has a video for “New Bar Baby” as well check it out.



Ain’t a southern album, if there isn’t a strip club anthem, and “Freaky” is it! As I listen to the song, I can see myself chilling in Bucks Cabaret, money being thrown, and strippers working the stage. 808s are hypnotizing. You can’t help but bop your head, if you’re a dude. If you are a lady, you shakin’ your ass.


Like That feat. Staydown Lil B

“Like That” reminds me of “Bout It” by Master P, not so much the lyrics, but the beat. On this track, Sosa lets everybody know what he is all about. He raps “We don’t beef ova the internet, I told all my youngins, don’t get into that. This ain’t nothing new bitch, I been a vet.” The hook is very catchy as well.



This is one of my personal favorites on the album.  Kenni displays his vocal skills, harmonizing and shit, sounding like Ty Dolla $ign. The melody of the entire song makes you want to dance. It’s very much a feel good vibe. The concept of the song is Kenni talking to a female, letting her know the man she currently has is not it, and she should leave him (her current man) alone and slide with him (Kenny).

Gohan feat. Young Black

This is one of my least favorites on the album. Not saying it’s a bad song, I am simply not familiar with the DragonBall Z world. I get the whole Gohan fires up and stuff, I just can’t relate to it. 


Oh Yeah feat. Body The Beast

By this point in the album, I’ve been trying to figure out who Sosa reminds me of… I finally realized that Kenni Sosa makes me think of Nipsey Hussle, just with a southern accent. On “Oh Yeah”, Sosa and Body letting all the haters know they got things on lock, while rocking all the flyest shit.


Three 4’s

This song is pure fire. This is definitely a party starter. If you in the club and this joint come on… Trust me, bottles in the air, weed smoke going, and a mean 2-step, rapping along. “I’m tryna be like Hova wit the business. Told Klean we don’t need em, we gon keep it independent. Thank God, my whole team see the vision, and it’s still fuck the world. You don’t like me, eat a glizzy. I’m fly, just like a plane. My homie feel the same. I met a new bitch, and off the top forgot her name. My ex bitch box, so you know it’s not a game.” Kenni really flexed on this one, “New Bar Baby”, I hear you bruh!!!


Destiny’s Child

On this track, Kenni gets his “crotch rap” on. He flexes his lyrical skills, which he showcases on just about every song on “Who Killed Kenni?”. This one is no different, as he boasts that he’s “got 3 bitches”, which he calls “Destiny’s Child”. 


Had a Ball feat. Pluto Perfect

It’s a celebration bitches!!!! This is Kenni’s celebration track, where he explains how he has fun and recruits Pluto, to help further explain what they mean when they say “Had a Ball”.


Ricky Tann feat. Pluto Perfect

This one’s self explanatory, especially if you have seen the movie “Rush Hour”. The character, Ricky Tann, is a corrupt detective. He has a lot of soldiers and is also a boss.


Better Life feat. LyriKal E

The title says it all and is a great way to end the album. The way the album started is the way it ends, with a peek into Kenni’s head. He shares his views on life and how much he wants to do better.

In all, “Who Killed Kenni?” is a very solid project. From the 1st track to the 12th track, it is definitely an ear grabber. If you like southern rap, you’ll like Kenni. If you like bars, then you’ll like Kenni. If you like feel-good, real life raps, you guessed it… you’ll like Kenni! Make sure y’all check out Kenni Sosa’s latest project, “Who Killed Kenni?” and let me know how the album made you feel.

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