So some of you are probably like HUH?! “why the hell did she say water?!” Well let me tell ya! water is the most abundant element on this planet. Water is also VERY healing. So why is it essential? I consider it an essential because no matter what type of bruja you are, we are ALL made up of water. we need that cleansing energy inside AND out.


Palo Santo is native from a tree grown in Peru. It is good for: cleansing energy, spiritual purification, good fortune, & relieving anxiety. It’s also used as a natural remedy for ASTHMA! (I got that). Needless to say, keep this in your bag or at your altar.


Clear Quartz is a great essential to have! If you’re into manifestations THIS IS THE CRYSTAL FOR YOU. This crystal can be programmed with intentions and placed in a central location of your home to emit the energies you’ve set (cool right??). It’s great for cleansing other crystals and tools that you may use in your practice.


Having a sacred place to meditate, give thanks, keep your tools, do spell work, etc. is VERY VERY VERY ( i can’t stress this enough) VERY VERY IMPORTANT. This space is for you and your craft. Protect it, keep it clean, (any bruja will tell you this right here is a task in itself), & try to visit it daily. 


This is the most important essential in my personal opinion. LOVE YOURSELF. Love all the stages of your growth. You will notice that your strongest work will come out of you when you just love on yourself even when it’s hard to. like the great Ru Paul says “if you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love anybody else?” 


  1. Very unique and interesting “infotainment” article! I think this may definitely be a niche that you can gain control of.

    I would source some notable and noteworthy witches to support your statements/claims. That is extremely important in any sector that diverges from the mainstream.

    I’d also be careful with claims that are made void of any explanatory rhetoric. Support your statements (and always find supporting sources).

    Careful with your grammar and structure.

    I look forward to watching you grow as a journalist!

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