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Trump campaign says it is suing to stop counting ballots in Michigan and Pennsylvania

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In a tight race between President Donald Trump and his political opponent, Vice President Joe Biden, it has surfaced that the Trump campaign has been said to have filed lawsuits in both Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop counting ballots, alleging they have not had “meaningful access” to observe the counting process at multiple facilities.

According to NBC News, “the Trump campaign also said that its lawsuit demands that the campaign be allowed to ‘review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access.'” Although the clerk’s office is saying that no lawsuit has been filed, NBC News was reporting Biden having a slight 1% lead in Michigan over Trump at the time the announcement was made by the Trump campaign.

At the time of this article, CNN is reporting that Trump has a 52.7% vs 46.1% lead over Vice President Biden in Pennsylvania. Slate is reporting that even though lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania already, this latest one is alleging that voters are being notified when there is something “wrong” with their mail-in ballots – a missing signature, for instance – a process called “curing”. The Republican Party is arguing that once the ballot is in, it is either valid to be counted… or it is not… and there should be no concessions given in order to fix the vote.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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