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Electoral College Currently: Biden 264 – Trump 214 on the way to 270

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3 days into the 2020 Presidential Election, and the votes are still being counted. Popularly, the two candidates are neck and neck in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada; however overall, CNN.com has Vice President Biden leading 73,925,498 votes to President Trump’s 69,804,128.

Philadephia leaders hold press conference to address the ballot count

FoxNews.com has Biden edging away in the electoral college, all while Philadelphia leaders are holding a press conference regarding the counting of the ballots. Chairwoman Lisa Deeley (Philadephia City Commissioners) stated that there are “upwards of 40,000” votes still yet to be counted. Immediately following, Jim Kenney – the Mayor of Philadephia – stated that President Trump needs to “put his big boy pants on” and acknowledge that he’s lost the race. Throughout the press conference, multiple reporters asked about the segregation of the ballots, and Chairwoman Deeley reinforced that they would “keep counting” until all the ballots were accounted for.

Meanwhile in Nevada, Joe Gloria – Clark County Registrar of voters – has stated that “We will begin to report our results two times a day.” He stated that there will be a “cure line” available so that voters may utilize that as needed, and that the deadline for counting all mail-in ballots is November 12. He stated that he is anticipating having counted the majority of mail-in ballots by Sunday, and that the priority is accuracy in counting.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the announcement of our next President.

SourceFox News
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