HOW? … and WHY?
Aim to drink a gallon of water daily.
That should cover any juice, drinks or caffeination that you may have.

Water helps to move waste along in the body; lessening the chances for sickness and illness to develop and/or worsen.

Our bodies are made up of over 70% water, therefore the more water we ingest, the more likely we are to become balanced.

Consider this…
When you are angry, your body temperature physically rises. You get warmer… hotter. Drink a glass of cool water. It’ll help bring that temperature back down and can ultimately contribute to a more reasonable reaction to your current situation.

Take a bath.
Bath time allows for physical relaxation tension release. There is also opportunity for silence and reflection. All things that contribute to a more reasonable reaction to your day.

One thing at a time.
If you focus on that and do your best, the rest will work itself into alignment. That is literally, the natural order of things.