• Contouring
  • Large, full brows
  • Eyelashes

As if being a lady isn’t uniquely challenging enough, some wonderful soul decided that we needed to add this trio to the dynamic. “How Sway?!” Keeping up with the Jonses can be rather exhausting as it pertains to following the latest makeup trends. In addition to extra time in the mirror, one must also foot the bill of new tools/supplies, and learn new skills!

Some would argue that “you don’t have to”, however I beg to differ. While I can agree that it isn’t necessary to adopt all the new additions and latest trends, the societal side-eyes make it uncomfortably difficult not to eventually cave.

Sometimes, I have even felt like I’m looking at the same person because the makeup is done in the same fashion. As if there was a PSA: “let’s all draw on a new face!”. What’s really going on? It can be beautiful, yes…but, who’s under all that cake? I truly think some people get lost in it and actually become out of touch with themselves, however that’s another topic for another day; so, I digress.


Brown Makeup Brush Blur Makeup Kit Beauty Things

Don’t get me wrong, there are several exceptions to the rule:

  • Let’s begin with DRAG! – the origin of most of these trends
  • Cosplay
  • Film & special fx
  • and any other role play or character-based makeup.

I DO believe these things have a place; just not in my daily regimen. I would much rather use makeup to enhance and bring out my features, not to change them. I love my face and my skin…is that so bad?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Just playing the devil’s advocate.

    What about those who utilize makeup for their self-esteem; in a society (that they cannot change) that puts so much significance on fashion and beauty? Should they ignore the standards and liberate themselves at the expense of their peace of mind?

    I’m interested to read your thoughts.

    • No feathers ruffled here at all, and I’m actually excited to engage this perspective. Frankly speaking, I think the beauty of life – this topic included – is to engage it as you see fit; which can vary from one extreme to the next, based on the situation.

      In this case, makeup utilized in any way should be from the perspective of what the user deems as appropriate for them. At the end of the day, I think focus on the makeup as the meat of the conversation will inevitably end in the land of “it’s my (your) perogative”, cause we all have an opinion. I think the most important, yet less engaged conversation should laser in on WHY so much significance is placed on fashion and beauty; and subsequently the impact and ripple effects it has on people.

      While I understand that A person cannot change these standards, I do think that there is a counter action; though I can’t say I have identified specifically WHAT that is…

      What I do know is this: Peace of mind is vital to maintain and should not be sacrificed on JUST the opinion of another. Lastly, whatever the upside of this issue is, it cannot be a battle addressed without a collective voice.

      Transparently speaking, I have many questions regarding this topic from varied perspectives. There are so many angles to come at it…. eager to hear the sentiments of others, as well! Thank you!


    “While I understand that A person cannot change these standards, I do think that there is a counter action; though I can’t say I have identified specifically WHAT that is…”

    Adapt and overcome. Figure out how these standards work in favor of your cause, goals or focus and proceed to enagage them purposely!

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