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Top 3 Reasons Why Performing Artists Should Drink Ginseng Tea

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Janelle Sly-T Thompson
Janelle Sly-T Thompsonhttps://theinternationaltelegraph.news/
Editorial Rating: 5-AAAA, Primary Journalism Sector(s): Arts & Entertainment, Health & Wellness - Janelle Thompson is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Musician.

The health and wellness of a Performing Artist may arguably be the make or break factor in a person’s career; and yet it continues to be one of the areas with the least amount of focus when it comes to establishing a legacy. Ginseng has been extensively studied for years, in both the “Western” and “Eastern” medical worlds and has been found to provide numerous health benefits to the people who consume it. As artists, we represent a particularly tricky demographic… Here are 3 reasons to incorporate Ginseng into your wellness routine.

3. Strengthens Your Immune System

What happens as a Performing Artist if you’re too sick to perform? In multiple studies, Ginseng has been shown to strengthen the immune system by decreasing inflammation, increase resistance to microbes and maintain homeostasis. In a literature review of the Panax variety, it was found that Ginseng has increased and enhanced the function of the phagocytes (that part of our immune system that “eats” the bad stuff) in our blood stream. What does this mean? Ginseng has the potential to boost our immune systems and keep us rockin!

2. Provides an Energy Boost

Now that your immune system is on point, what about all those late nights in the studio or on stage? Ginseng has been shown to act as an adaptogen to help boost energy levels and stave off fatigue by “lowering oxidative damage and increasing energy production in cells.” Think of oxidative stress eating away at your cells like rust eats away at iron. Consuming a cup of ginseng tea is an easy way to help our bodies adapt to everyday stressors and fight the sleep bug.

1. Increases Focus

Memory and focus are incredibly important to performing artists – whether you’re writing music, learning a new song or dance routine, or are producing the perfect show. Ginseng has been been reported to improve working memory and overall cognition… Both are necessary to providing fans with the quality content they desire and deserve.

Long days and sleepness nights are par for the course for the majority of Performing Artists. Implementing ginseng tea could give you the boost you need to take it up a notch!

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