The Do’s and Don’ts of visiting a strip club


It’s a Saturday night, you and your boys are sitting around brainstorming things to do without much luck. Bowling? No, shoot pool? Nah, no one’s in a pool hall type of mood. Casino? Downtown? Maybe a nice lounge, no? Hmm. Then someone says it, “Let’s hit the stripclub!” and everyone immediately seems to jump on board. It was just pay day, everyone can use some drinks, and who better to drink with than beautiful women? Everyone starts to gather their belongings with a new air of excitement and head for the door, and as you start to gather yours a nervous sweat hits your back as you realize you’ve never been to any such place before and have absolutely no idea how to conduct yourself. A million and one questions flood your mind. Are the girls nice? Do they touch you? Can you touch them? What happens during a lapdance? Do I have to give them a dollar? Only a dollar? Not knowing what else to do (and not wanting to look inexperienced to your friends) you turn to the best option known to 2020 for getting information. The internet. And what do you find? This very handy list here on the “Do’s and Don’ts of visiting a gentlemens club.


Bring Cash

This one seems like it would be obvious but you’d be surprised just how many people walk into the club with just enough for the cover (entrance fee) and the two drink minimum. When you come into a place like a strip club, you wanna make sure you have the most fun possible. In order to have the experience you are looking for, you’ll have to cough up some dollars. Making it never a good idea to head to the strip club if you don’t have some wiggle room in your budget. Take this how you’d like, but the women in there have one goal. And that is to get paid. This is their job. This is work, and for many of them it is their only form of income. These ladies are all too happy to entertain you, but you need to be willing to pay them for their time. A reminder that the club is not a dating service, these women are not looking for boyfriends. They do not want to be offered things outside of the club environment. They want to get paid for the time they spend with you, whether that is giving dances at the prices set, or you tipping her for sitting and having a few drinks and a conversation with you. Even if the lady genuinely enjoys her time with you, it is still proper etiquette to tip her for the time spent. Because I promise you, even if y’all spend a good three hours engaged in a deep heavy discussion that you both are heavily invested in, if you don’t compensate her during that time, (because that is three hours she could have spent on the floor making money) I promise you, once she realizes that you are just trying to talk, you won’t get the same energy from her and probably anyone else who she tells (because she will). Furthermore, make sure you tip! You see a lady killing it on the stage? Tip her! You want a lady to come talk to you? Walk up and tip her, you can even tell her at that point to come see you whenever she is free (but understand that she is hoping you are willing to spend some money on her) Getting a lapdance? Pay the fee AND tip! You don’t just pay for the food at a restaurant and not tip the person serving you do you? This woman is providing you a service and deserves to be tipped for it. Also a lot of people don’t understand that she has to give a percentage of her money to the club. She is banking on your tips.


Sexual harassment is sexual harassment no matter the profession

One thing that is extremely important, and is sadly something often forgotten, is the simple fact that the dancers are people too. For some reason some people tend to think that the dancer’s sole purpose is to entertain them personally and that she somehow has no feelings or emotions. That somehow your actions won’t effect her when she goes home, that she may in fact even enjoy being objectified or simply just doesn’t care. I can assure you none of these things are fact. Attempting to touch someone inappropriately and without permission is assault. Attempting to force someone to do something they are not in agreement on is still assault. Exposing yourself to someone unwarranted? Assault. Trying to put money or fingers in a private part? Assault. Do not enter a strip club and just throw all your morals out the door. These women have to live with what you do. Do not become some woman’s horror story. And don’t let a fun night out with the guys land you in prison.



Some of these things definitely seem like things that shouldn’t have to be said, but you’d be extremely shocked at the amount of people who just wander into the club smelling ripe while expecting to get dances! So yes, yes I have to add “Make sure you take a shower and brush your teeth before you come into a place filled with beautiful women. Possibly even slap on a little extra deodorant for good measure. Some gentlemen’s clubs serve food, so make sure you bring mints or gum if you planning on eating or drinking while you are out. There are few things more off putting than sitting down to have a conversation with someone and their breath and B.O take over. That’s an almost guaranteed way of ensuring no dancers will spend any time with you.


Don’t be THAT guy

Don’t be that guy who gets so belligerent he has to get removed from the club. Watch your liquor intake, it’s easy to get carried away taking shot after shot with beautiful ladies, but keep in mind that the club will absolutely remove you if you go too far. It’s safety hazard to you and to the people who work there if you are too far past your limit. Just like at any bar, the bartender can and will decide when to cut you off and no one wants their night cut short. Drink responsibly, and yes by that I also mean make sure you have a safe way home whether it be a driver or a ride share app, if you plan on drinking just make sure to be smart about it.

I want HER!

So you see this lady you like but she hardly notices you, she keeps passing by you and you’re not really sure what to say and she seems busy. Welp, I bring it again because it is in fact the most important element of the environment, tip! You don’t have to say much if you have money inside the club, it tends to speak for itself. A lot of the time the ladies go to the people who tipped them first before working the room. And they tend to go in order of who tipped them the most. You also don’t need to wait until she is on stage to slide her a few bucks, catch her on the in between, slide her a few dollars and let her know you are interested in speaking with her when she has the time. The same as you would while she is on stage. You are much more inclined to get the good experience you are looking for if you are willing to pay for it. Being cheap gets you ignored.


Offer her a drink

It’s the gentlemen thing to do, plus it also alerts her that you would like for her to sit and spend some time with you. It’s basically confirmation that you would like her to sit with you. And every time you get a round for yourself make sure the lady or ladies sitting at your table have another as well, this is just proper etiquette.


Can I touch?

Touching really depends on a few factors, The city you are in, the club you are in specifically and then of course the lady herself. Different places have different rules, some states won’t allow any contact (I.e dancing 5 feet in front of you) whereas others have more lax rules, some places you can get a lap dance quite literally in your lap while others have maintained distance long before social distancing was in effect. If you are in a place where touching is allowed, be sure to check with your dancer to find out where her boundaries lie. Just because the club may allow touching doesn’t mean she does.


Don’t ever ever tip in change

If you run out of cash, just leave. Tipping in change is an absolute insult. It conveys all types of messages to the dancer you are giving it to, and none of those messages are positive. This is not only cheap, it is disrespectful. And while we are here, tip more than a dollar. A dollar is the bare minimum, but if you tip minimum you’ll get minimum service and will be branded as cheap. Don’t stack stretch. (holding a decent sized stack of ones over a dancer while she is on stage, but only tipping her one dollar at a time) This will tire her out and disinterest her. If you walk up to the stage with a lot of money, she is expecting to get tipped more than three dollars. Lastly don’t try and recycle money. If it touches the stage its hers. Don’t try to pick it up and re tip it, that’s a big giant no.

Different strip clubs have different rules and different women but there are the things that remain the same everywhere, and that is etiquette. The better your etiquette the better the experience for everyone.