The Italian company, Reuters, fined Apple after getting insight from their statements, reviewed on Monday.

The communication organization that fights injustice against cases like these had announced that the commercial came off as not only aggressive, but also, misleading. Reuters found the advertising practices inappropriate because Apple claimed that the new iPhone 12 is water-resistant.

Besides the fact that Apple advertised this in a misleading manner, Reuters also pointed out that iPhones with water damage do not fall under the warranty conditions of the company. To top it all off, based on the report (that included complaints found in the statement), Apple has refused to help their users with devices that have been affected by humidity.

In the commercial, Apple failed to mention that the devices are only water-resistant in specific situations. For several years, iPhone has come on the market with devices that can resist rain, a hard jet of water, and can even survive when dropped in the water and pulled out right away. However, sometimes keeping the device underwater for a longer period of time is detrimental.

Apple has still not responded, and gave no reaction to the imposed fine.