Oscar Nominated ‘Juno’ Star Comes Out as Transgender

Elliot Page 2020
Elliot Page at The Umbrella Academy Premier February 12, 2019

No matter what side of Twitter you find yourself on one thing is for sure, when a celeb comes out in the LGBTQ+ community, WE HEAR IT FIRST! In the latest of great come out stories we have Americas “queerheart” Elliot Page (formally known as Ellen Page) who has officially come out as a transgender male via his Twitter on 12/1/2020. If for whatever reason you are asking yourself, “who the hell is Elliot Page?”, you most definitely need to check out The Umbrella Academy on Netflix YESTERDAY. Here is the heartfelt letter he wrote to his fans on Monday. Grab tissues.

Twitter: @THEELLIOTPAGE December 1,2019

A HUGE congratulations to Elliot for living his truth and inspiring others to live in theirs as well.